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Catch eye catching style that you deserve on your shoulders with our shawls that are each of them free design. Also shawl models with various patterns will be the harmony that you will contribute on you beyond being just an accessory. You can make those who you will buy present to, meet with our shawl types with this elite elegance.

Your difference is your design with our ethic patterned shawls

Most of women prefers to stay in a distinct line in classic and daily combines. However, When you make your style stylish with a brave, impressive and great choices, people around you will always talk about you. You will add another style and magic to each of your clothes with shoulder shawls. Each of our shawls have costy usage with its quality yarns. Most notably, monogram pattern shoulder shawl is one of our the most preferred shoulder shawl models.

Rug patterned shawls with its living  motifs

Rugs which we can qualify as a legacy left from our past to the future could actually be able to talk to us with motifs. It contains nature, emotion, pains and memoirs on it and makes everyone to talk about this. Most notably, due to our country’s different natural conditions and hosts variety cultures for centuries, these textures are varied in terms of its designs and technics.

Rug patterns (motifs) and its features;

You could make choices that will impress positively and appropriate by knowing the language of the patterns. In the light of examination of old textures in our country, the meaning of some motifs are like this; Wingle motif; It represents power and strength. Eye motif; it’s belived that it’ll protect you from bad people and damages.

                      Bukagı Motif; it marks that become together hope and family community.

                      Cocklebur Motif; It symbolizes plenty and abundance, it means abundant of flowers.

                      Hook and plus motif; it used frequently in intention of humans are protected from the dangers in Turkish textures.

                      Bird Motif; It symbolizes that pigons and nightingale means good luck and crow and owl means evil.

                      Hair bond motif; it indicates the request of marriage.

                      Flume Motif; it emphasizes the water’s importance.

                     Star Motif; it symbolizes productivity.

                     Amulet Motif; it protects its owner from the bad events and reduces the effect of bad looks from other people.

                     Earring Motif; It’s the indicating mark relatively for the purpose of young girls who want to marry.

                    Goat’s Neck Motif; it represents its power, masculinity and productivity. At the same time, expresses that the one who texture it is so happy.

                   She’s hand on her belly Motif; it’s the symbol of effectiveness, femininity and motherness.

                   Abundant Motif; It represents Goat neck used together and She’s hand on her belly Men and men. Besides, it’s belived that the eye in the middle protects from the family.

                  Comb, Hand, Finger Motif;  symbolizes Comb is birth and hand is effectiveness. Fingers protects from the bad eyes.

                  Chest Motif; it symbolizes the wedding chest of the girl.

                  Dragon Motif; It’s believed that dragons known and accepted as the master of air and water brings abundant and fall rains.

                  Life tree Motif; it represents the eternity.           

                  Scorpion Motif; It’s textured for the protection of scorpion from the evil.

    We made traditional approaches with modern lines for you.  

It suits you with variety usage possibility   

Shawls are extremely wealthy in direction of model and content. The shawls available on our website has tessal and variety patterns. The prices of shoulder and shawl are being differentiated extremely. However, Uludağ Triko dominates your enjoy with its  shawl collection. As well as, Our special production provides possibility that you could use it in every season. We’re being your brand that will finish your style problems and provide different appearances. So, you can take a look at our aesthetic and great shawls on our shawl categories.


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