Home Collection

Textile products made from the fabric and knitting is one of the most important materials creating many items that we need. As a brand serving in the sector of textile, We presents the style and comfort with our products in the category of home collection.

Crucial pieces of the decoration; Home Collection

Home collection products consists of decorative products which has many various functions that we use while we decorating our house. As We Are Uludağ Triko, We have available television blankets which under the home collection category. Our all products are being produced with both an elegant perspective and taking your comfort understanding to the highest point.

Overall features of our home collection products

             Antibacterial fabric structure

             100% organic cotton production

             Eligible production to the world standards

             Dirt-resistant and easy clearance

             Highness of dimension stability

             Fastness to sweat and higness of light fastness

             Antistatic production

             Unwrinkled feature

             Fastness against chemical clauses

             Hydrophilic feature

             Soft tendency feature

While we are producing our knitwear blankets that will take the living quality at your house to a upper level, we shows a special attention to the all points that we highlighted. Our first aim is the pleasance that you will hear while you using it.

Uludağ Triko Home Collection Products

Organic cotton TV blanket which is one of the most specially produced of our firm completes the style of your house. We shall take a look into its content in order to recognize the product closer.

What is Triko ?

It’s known as weft knitting system fabrics that implied in flat knitting machines. First of all, It’s being produced in flat  knitting machines as woon and cotton yarn and also expressed as a short flat knitting fabric.

General features  of knittingwear fabrics

It is a type of fabric with an extremely wide usage in textile sector. Pile yarn form on knitting  surfaces is so flexible. Therefore, it perfectly suits to the body and covers your body softly. When unwrinkled knitwear is wrinkled, turns into its previous form quickly. It’s knitted by one by. Machine thinness is a basic factor determining fabric thickness in fabric knitwear. Getting heat feature is more compared to the texture fabrics. It has keeping air feature due to its knot structure.

We encolour the comfort of your house with our quality

Blankets which is one of the most competitive pieces of the decoration presents both comfort and style with its soft textures. You could use it as a knitting on your couch and bed. If you’re looking for  the most elegant knitwear TV blanket, all of them exist on our website. You will appreciate of colored and casual television blankets while you using them in your bed, in front of fireplace, on the couch, however, in your balcony when the weather is so hot in the summer evening. Because each of them are produced of the most quality cotton.

As We Are Uludağ Triko, We produced knitting blankets which presents more merely and more color species. Bej, blue, orange, black, red and more than these. We prefer living and bright colors for summer and fall months, dark colors which will warm you up for fall and winter months.

Acquire the aesthetic which will encolour your rooms and furnitures. We presents a comfort which you will be looking forward to look at them every time.

Blankets are among the house gifts which is preferred commonly and can share with your loved ones. In this coverage, It’s a eligible home collection in order to make your house both more eye-cathing, stylish and costy and to gift your loved ones.

100% Organic cotton texture

Most of home collection consists of both natural and structural fabrics. For this reason, It’s turned into durable and powerful by blending. However, Our knitting and fabrics are produced with 100% natural cotton. Knitwear television blanket prices means putting our understanding forward without avoid. Our blankets produced without dangerous chemical are extremely secure especially for your babies and family.

Our all blankets are easily washable in (30 cold heat), dry quickly, it might be dried in a low heat. We recommend you to wash it that you could be able to use it for next years.

Some of blankets might cause allergic reactions as itching and irriatation. As We Are Uludag Triko, we would like you to know that we care both your style and comfort.


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